A seaside property at one of the best locations in Bohus County with three buildings and a private jetty

  • Höpallen 483
  • Gullholmen - Härmanö
  • 174+53 kvm
  • 9 rum & kök
  • 25 000 000 kr / bud
  • Gullholmen - Härmanö
  • 174+53 kvm
  • 25 000 000 kr / bud

A seaside property at one of the best locations in Bohus County with three buildings and a private jetty

This beautiful seaside property at one of the finest locations on Höpallen/Gullholmen island is being offered for sale. The first of the three building on the property is a beautifully renovated and meticulously maintained captain’s home built in 1912 and offering a sea view in four directions. The second is an architect-designed residential boathouse and a jetty with a depth of about two metres, and the third is a boathouse for storage. Situated in the nature reserve on the east side of Härmanö island, and about one and a half kilometres south of a village with lots of services, this property represents the perfect balance between seclusion and convenience. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The captain’s house has been owned by only two families in the course of  the past 107 years.

The captain’s house, also known as Oscarsberg, has an area of about 132 m2, and was built in 1912 by, and bears the name of, cutter captain Oscar Berntsson who lived in the house up on the rocks, together with his wife, Axelina, and their four children. In 1958, two years after the captain passed away, the property was sold at auction to the family that currently owns it.

This property is truly special, and it’s difficult to give a description here that does it justice. In addition to a wonderful, elevated and unobstructed location with amazing views in every direction, the property enjoys a good measure of privacy, as it is situated on a waterfront lot within the nature reserve on the east side of Härmanö. There are two residential houses here. One is an inspiring captain’s house built in 1912, whilst the other is a newly-built boathouse situated right at the water. Both of these are located at a walkable distance from a village that offers all kind of services and conveniences. The captain’s house has been meticulously renovated, with the addition of a beautiful old-style veranda that faces the channel to the east. Despite the renovation, which has given each of the four bedrooms a fantastic view, much of the original details remain, such as the ceiling paintings, traditional lye-finished floors, and high thresholds. You can really feel the atmosphere of the early 20th century, as the classical layout of the rooms on the ground floor is largely unchanged.

In contrast, the boathouse with an area of about 80 m2 has a little bolder look, with a glass wall that offering a fine view to the east. This house features a kind of compact living space, which thanks to the  its architect, Uno Huggert’s, feeling for form, makes for a special atmosphere, perfectly suited to the enjoyment of the fantastic view.

In addition to the two residential houses, there is a small boathouse with an area of about 15 m2 used for storing fishing and boating gear. A totally private sitting area located here offers a view of Härmanö and Rörholmen islands, as well as the channel that serves as a kind of maritime highway, and has become the family’s favourite gathering place.

The captain’s house enjoys an unobstructed view, so you can enjoy the sunshine from morning to long summer eventing. A little road to which the property has an easement leads to the gravel road that connects northern and southern Härmanö Island. 

The captain’s house was renovated and expanded between 1999 and 2005 according to the plans drawn about by Uno Huggert, an architect based in Kungälv. There is a new wooden facade on the southern wall, and the other outer walls have been scraped clean and painted with linseed oil paint by Eskil Johansson, a painter based in Kode (primer, intermediate coat and finish). New two-pane glass windows and outer doors were made by a local carpentry shop in Orust (Bröderna Samuelsson). The kitchen was moved from the northwest corner of the house to the northeast corner in conjunction with the connection of municipal water. The kitchen cabinets, which are painted with linseed oil paint, were built at a carpentry workshop in Hälsingland. A display case with built-in spotlights was also prepared at the same carpentry workshop. The kitchen has a stove with four plates, a ventilator hood, a dishwasher and a full-sized refrigerator and full-sized freezer. Part of the brick chimney wall, together with white-grey patterned wallpaper by Sandberg, contributes to a cosy atmosphere. Ceramic tiles measuring 10 x 20 cm cover the wall. A new bathroom was built in what used to be the kitchen. In addition to a toilet, there is a shower stall with glass and 10 x 10 cm white tiles. The bathroom floor is electrically heated and has blue melange 20 x 20 cm ceramic floor tiles. The walls have tongued, grooved and beaded panelling. There is a classic style handbasin and stand, as well as a washing machine, and there is even room for a dryer. Two electric drying racks are attached to the wall. The old entrance veranda has been replaced by a new one. Both these verandas are clad with tongued, grooved and beaded panelling. The hall has tongued, grooved and beaded dado, as well as wallpaper by the Designers Guild. The new glass veranda facing east was added as part of the reconstruction. There is a door out to a little wooden deck, facing southeast, and offering an enchanting view of the channel, looking toward the Käringö Fjord in the south. The dining room has a wonderful view facing east and south. During the renovation, an old tiled stove was placed in the living room, which has original paintings on the ceiling, whilst other  rooms have white-painted wooden ceilings. The walls of the living room and dining room have been painted a lovely grey colour designed by Farrow & Ball in 2018, and all the wooden floors on the lower level have been painted light grey. The upper floor has four bedrooms with painted wooden floors, as well as wallpaper by Designers Guild, Sandberg and Colefax and Fowler. The house has a cellar that runs the full length of the house.

The lower floor of the boathouse has an anthracite-grey ceramic floor with 60 x 30 cm tiles. The ceramic tiles are somewhat fluted in order to prevent slips and falls when the floor is wet. There are horizontal and vertical wooden panels on all internal walls, which are painted using white linseed oil paint. The pine stairway to the upper floor is painted a dark grey. On the upper floor, the walls have horizontal wooden panelling that is painted grey, using paint by Farrow and Ball. The kitchen area has a stove with four plates, a ventilator hood, a full length side by side refrigerator and freezer (JAG TROR DU AVSER DET HÄR.  ANNARS ÄR DET EN KONFLIKT MED DEN TIDIGARE KÖKSBESKRIVING). The Magasinet (???) and dining area has glass doors that front on the jetty deck and the island of Rörholmen. The bathroom section is designed in a minimalist style with tiled walls (55 x 32 cm tiles) and an anthracite grey ceramic tile floor (15 x 15 cm).  This section also has a sauna with aspen panelling on the walls, lavar (??? lichens???) and ceiling, as well as direct access out to the wooden deck. There is a Tylö 8 kW sauna heater, and a separate toilet in the bathroom section. The tiled shower stall is comfortably roomy, and the handbasin has a lower cabinet and an upper cabinet with mirrors on both sides of the door. The bathroom section has a fantastic glass wall with nine windows in a group, as well as two French doors that lead out to a long balcony that offers an enchanting view. This level has a bedroom that can accommodate a double bed. Both the bedroom and the little lavatory have sliding doors for more efficient use of space. There is also a  closet and four wardrobes. A custom-built, easy-to-use and retractable staircase leads up to a spacious sleeping loft with a little window that can be opened. There is also a warm water heater with a capacity of 100 litres.

The jetty is built on an old stone foundation. The depth is about 2 metres at normal water level.

There is a terrace with slate tiles was built in front of the boathouse in 2018.

A flower bed area using Corten steel was constructed in 2018, under which there are water and sewage pipes running to and from the boathouse. The place where the pipes enter the house from the flower bed is specially immured.

The grounds include a lawn and lilacs.

 Gullholmen has something for everyone, regardless of age

Gullholmen has a church that was built in 1799 and is still in use. Close by are the Gullholmen Art Museum, the Skepparhuset maritime museum and a bird museum. The old school often hosts exhibitions and Gullholmsgården cultural centre has film evenings. Children will appreciate the big playground on the way toward the Mor Johanna’s meadow area. You can read more about the history, organizations and activities of Gullholmen at the www.gullholmen.se portal. You’ll also find information about the popular Härmanöloppet race, our football tournament, the Tångräkan marine activities programme for children, sailing school and more.

It’s only just over one kilometre to the village where there are three restaurants: Gullholmsbaden, Skottarn and Hamncaféet. There is a grocery store, ice cream kiosk and a little fish shop near the harbour.

There are many hiking trails on Härmanö Island that lead to beautiful lookout points, meadows, and beaver and water lily ponds. The flower walks organized within the nature reserve are popular, as are the art, ghost and culture walks that are arranged each summer.

Härmanö headland is a wonderful place to visit, and well as a very popular swimming location all summer long. Taking the boat out to the flat, read granite rocks on one of the Vasholmarna islands it one the highlights of a summer here..

If you love golf, it’s not far to Orust GK, a beautifully situated golf course between Malö Strömmar and Morlanda.

Living on Härmanö/Gullholmen feels safe and secure. As driving cars is not allowed in this community, you leave your car in Tuvesvik where the parking spaces for Gullholmen and Käringö Island residents are located in a fenced and secure area. In addition to the parking space that belongs to the property, you can also rent a parking space nearby.

Västtrafik’s ferries run between Tuvesvik and both Gullholmen and Käringö Island. 

It’s not easy to do Oscarsberg  justice when describing this property. You need to experience it in person, and to remember that every season and every kind of weather here has its charm.

Welcome to this wonderful place, now seeking a new owner.

Full description
  • Address:
    Höpallen 483,
    474 71 Gullholmen
  • Price:
    25 000 000 kr
  • Prop.designation:
    HÄRMANÖ 1:27
  • Plot area:
    784 Kvm
  • Living area:
    174 Kvm
  • Other space:
    53 Kvm
  • No of rooms:
    9 rum & kök
  • No of bedrooms:
    5 till 6
  • Buildingyear:
    1912 och sjöstugan 2008-2010
  • Building type:
    1,5 planshus, 2 plan i sjöstugan
  • Municipality:
  • District:
    Gullholmen - Härmanö
  • Parish:
  • Facade:
  • Roof:
    Tvåkupigt lertegel
  • Framework:
  • Loft Floor:
  • Foundation:
  • Chimney:
  • Windows:
    2-glas kopplade
  • Ventilation:
  • Tv- och Internet:
    Fiber bredband
  • Heating:
    Direkt el, oljefyllda elelement, kakelugn, luftvärmepump, golvärme i sjöstugan.
  • Municipal water:
    Kommunalt vatten året om. Kommunalt avlopp.
  • Form of ownership:
    Friköpt - Småhus
  • Taxworth
  • Total:
    11 974 000 kr
  • Building:
    3 248 000 kr
  • Ground :
    8 726 000 kr
  • Year:
  • Code:
  • Operating Costs
  • Heating:
    1 525 kr/month
  • Water/Swever:
    699 kr/month
  • Sweeping:
    28 kr/month
  • Sweeping:
    108 kr/month
  • Cleaning:
    430 kr/month
  • Insurance:
    372 kr/month
  • Other:
    317 kr/month
  • Total:
    3 478 kr/month
  • Servitudes
  • Type:
    Gemensamhetsanläggning Orust GULLHOLMEN GA:1
    Gemensamhetsanläggning Orust HÄRMANÖ GA:2
    Gemensamhetsanläggning Orust LAVÖN GA:5
    Gemensamhetsanläggning Orust LAVÖN GA:4
  • Mortgages
  • Total:
    3 265 000 kr
  • Distributed on:
    17 mortgages
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